Tumbler Shrink Wraps

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20oz Tumbler shrink wrap sleeves.

  • Print your full coverage design from a sublimation printer
  • Using heat tape, tape your design in place on the item so the transfer is VERY tight against the product
  • Then slide your shrink wrap sleeve over the product and artwork that’s taped to the item
  • Use a heat gun along the item and sleeve and the sleeve will shrink to be tight against your product
  • Once the sleeve is shrunk all the way, place the item in a convection oven to finish the sublimation process
  • After it's "cooked" for the recommended time and temperature and cooled off, you'll simply remove the shrink wrap from the item
  • TIP: For easier removal of the shrink sleeve, dunk the item in a bucket of cool water immediately upon removal from the convection oven. This will help stop the sublimation process and make it easier to remove the sleeve and transfer.