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⭐️⭐️⭐️DTF TRANSFERS⭐️⭐️⭐️

We are Super Excited!! 💥💥⚡️💥💥

A little rundown of how the printer will be run and pricing!

We will be printing multiple images that we will have available for you to come by and purchase in store or on our website. These images will depend on season, holiday, or just what’s popular at the time.

The prints will be all ready for you to take home and press yourself onto almost any fabric (100% cotton included).

We won’t be doing custom prints on the spot. (Additional fees for custom). They will be purchased on our website or in store and then the photo will come to our email (simply.supplies@outlook.com) for upload. We are optimistic that the turnaround time will be approx 3-5 days (maybe sooner depending on the circumstances).

Definition of Custom Print: 

Anything that we don’t already have printed and available for sale will be considered custom. We will not be purchasing the images for you if it’s a special request. You will be required to purchase, download, modify etc before sending to us in email. All background must be removed before the image is sent as well. If not, there will be a box printed behind your image.

Prices are as follows:

Infant 3” $5.00
Toddler 5” $6.00
Youth 8” $6.25
Adult 11” $6.50

Infant Custom $6.50
Toddler Custom $7.50
Youth Custom $7.75
Adult Custom $8.00

Suggested Pressing Instructions:

-Set your press to 325
-Prepress your garment for 5 seconds
-Apply your print to the exact location desired and cover with blowout paper (parchment or butcher)
-Press for 20 seconds
-Let the garment completely cool
-Remove print slowly
-Repress for 5 seconds if desired (using blowout paper).

As all heat presses are different, we are only giving suggested time and temp. We can not be held responsible if your items are less than perfect!