Lighted ELF dual lid lantern and "snow globe" tumbler

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Glass can cups for sublimation.

Clear double walled "snow globe" glass is sublimation ready. Has hole in the bottom to fill with glitter/fluid and then seal with UV resin. 

Glass MUST be sublimated prior to filling with glitter/fluid and then sealed with UV resin.


***Directions*** PLEASE NOTE: equipment varies and so may your required settings. Please test your own equipment using these baseline recommendations.

Apply sublimation transfer on the surface of the tumbler using heat tape. For full wrap designs, make sure you pull the transfer as tightly as possible around the tumbler, then tape very well along the seam and around the top/bottom of the tumbler. Pulling the tape/transfer as tight as possible with no air pockets.

*Tumbler Press* (Equipment settings and functions may vary) Make sure your pressure is very light!!!             
Press at 360°F for 120 seconds, then turn the tumbler halfway and press again for another 120 seconds. If the design is darker, an additional few seconds may be required. Remove transfer and let cool.

*Convection Oven* (Equipment settings will vary!)
Apply shrink wrap using a heat gun to shrink it tight to the tumbler.
Bake in a convection oven at approximately 385-400 degrees F for 6.5-8 minutes, turning halfway. **If your tumbler is touching a metal surface during baking, the shrink wrap will be more likely to melt!

Remove from oven and immediately remove shrink wrap and transfer. GLASS WILL BE HOT!! No sealant is necessary on sublimation. *Hand washing is recommended as the high heat in many dishwashers may reactivate the ink and cause it to bleed.

As with all glass products, avoid extreme temperature changes, as this may cause cracking or even explosion of the glass.